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Antique Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Mid Century Home Interior Design

March 20, 2016

Do you want to add classic style in your dwelling? By having old style home interior ideas accent, the occupant is able to feel the calm and high serenity nuance. There are some characteristic of vintage home design style such as neutral color scheme, dull lighting shade, and over wooden tone furniture. Now in this article, I would like to share information about antique bathroom vanities ideas for mid century home interior design. According to the images below, there are many inspirational bathroom design that you can observe in detail way so you can remodel the bathroom as easy as possible.

One of crucial bathroom feature is sink vanity. By using this furniture, any equipments and accessories are able to be kept inside the antique bathroom vanities with tops. Traditional bathroom uses simple accessories with some carving built in such like shown in figures below. I will discuss some images of them. First lovely image presents lavish classic master bathroom ideas with white wooden wainscoting below plain neutral wall paint color along with sectional medium bay window. This bathroom has free standing oak sink cabinet vanity added with some artistic carving built in. There is white marble vanity top feats trough round sink below rectangle mirror.

Laminate parquet flooring plan decorates this bathroom overlooking with polka white throw rug. Other image shows classic bathroom interior design with high gloss furnished teak antique bathroom vanities and sinks with grey marble vanity top and luminous dull wall lamps. Large brown fur area rug is put below the vanity. Small white flower arrangement centerpiece beautifies the plain top along with soap dispenser aside. Next cool image shows classic master bathroom furniture ideas with sustainable white wooden antique bathroom vanity overlooking with copper accent faucet. There are romantic candle lights beside the undermounted sink so the serenity situation can be felt strongly.

amazing antique bathroom vanities design with black sleek vanity top along with copper accent faucet

amazing small bathroom vanities with greenery potted houseplant and plain white wall paint

astounding bathroom design with high gloss furnished sink vanity added with rough trough sink

awesome bathroom vanities with plain grey wall paint and pretty flower arrangement centerpiece

chic master bathroom design with glossy teak sink cabinet vanity and white marble vanity top

classic bathroom furniture ideas feats compact painted amber antique bathroom vanities in bright lighting shade

cool bathroom decor ideas with high gloss furnished teak antique bathroom vanities and grey marble top

mesmerizing master bathroom design with double oval mirrors on beige wall paint and antique bathroom vanities

mid century spacious open plan bathroom design with simple carving wooden vanity and trough sink

modern bright master bathroom ideas with arched bay windows and white wooden cabinet vanity

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