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Beach House Design that Give Total Relaxation

March 16, 2016

The beach house design has beautiful ocean panorama that can give total relaxation to the owner. The fresh air and beautiful view become main attraction that is provided in the beach house style. The Casa Mar project has been designed by Coleman-Davis Pagan Arquitectos. This amazing home is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Located in the city make this home is easy to access from many directions. This home is designed by cube house that is built by vertical design. Faced with the ocean directly make this home look so impressive with elegant design in the home.

Beach House Design Exterior

The beach house design plans exterior uses concrete material with cube shape design. The rooftop of this beach house design is embedded by solar panel to get the eco-friendly energy consumption. The solar panel can change the natural sunlight into electricity to make give energy supply to the home. The facade of this amazing home is designed by unique cube shape design. This unique shape design make special nuance in the home facade. The grey exterior painting is matched with its environment. This exterior painting also shows modern design of the home.

The long shape swimming pool is applied in this beach house design. The long shape swimming pool can make the home look more impressive and beautiful. The fresh blue water can be paired with the modern home exterior design. The relaxing hall in the side of the swimming pool can be used to enjoy the tranquil nuance. Unique pattern exterior design is also applied in this home. The rough brown cement with artistic pattern makes the home has varies nuance exterior design. The wooden rooftop design can be used for many activities to the owner.

Beach House Design Interior

The beach house design ideas interior use total modern concept. The efficient arrangement is applied to get elegant design in this home interior. Bright room design is a priority to design the home interior. The bright room treatment also can save energy consumption in the home. The beach house design can be reference to provide total relaxation to the owner.

extraordinary swimming pool of beach house design with fresh blue water and grey ceramic deck also relaxing hall and some coconut trees

good looking bedroom of beach house design with glass windows and brown wooden floor beautified with white bed combined with black blanket

marvellous beach house with cube house and vertical design dominated with glass windows and beautiful ocean limited with concrete and iron fence

prepossessing living room of beach house design completed with swanky grey sofa and two unique square table on the wide rug and glass door

relaxing hall of beach house design with lawn chairs combined with some white pillows and several brown wooden chairs and unique pendant lamp

adorable beach house captured from the top with solar panel rooftop and grey exterior painting decoration with beautiful ocean panorama

astonishing living room of beach house design beautified with swanky white sofas with armchairs and wide wooden table also unique small pendant lamp

attractive mini library of beach house design filled with wooden chairs and round wooden tables also completed with wooden bookcase

beauteous dinning room of beach house design with glass windows and glass table also wooden dinning chairs with small pendant lamp

breathtaking rooftop of beach house design with wooden nuance beautified with two stunning and unique long wooden chairs and limited with iron fence

delectable bathroom of beach house design with wooden floor and bathtub completed with bathroom sinks with mirrors and beautified with lamps

entrancing kitchen of beach house design with black kitchen counter also completed with black armless chairs and white round table

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