Boat House Applying Dominative Wooden Constructions

March 14, 2016

Here you’re going to see an alluring boat house, a project of studio Christopher Simmonds Architect. The name of the project is Muskoka Boathouse. It will be found in Ontario, Canada. Some pictures about the project here are found with the descriptions as well. Observe them and read the descriptions carefully.

As the subtitle right above here, you can see that the building of the house looks so bright floating above the surface of river’s water. Look at the building design that applies wooden constructions and the other materials. The house applies floating building part as well. You can see there is an outdoor staircase available. The next image shows you about the wooden constructions applied as parts of the boat house designs. You know that the surface of the constructions looks bright and enchanting.

The third image shows you the staircase available as part of the lake boat house designs. You see that the railings present are netted with metal constructions. The staircase’s shape seems so appealing with fresh wooden material combined with the metal one. Look at the outdoor ceiling. They are nice with stick wood constructions. Here you can see grey paneling applied as well. The following image is about the railing of the staircase with flawless wooden sticks. Here you can see that the railing seems using stainless steel.

Well, the last picture is about a nice pergola of the house with wooden deck as the floor. The constructions of wood are available above the area there. Take a look at the building part on the right side. Grey wall seems present as the exterior design. There you shall also find glass panels and windows. Alright, look at the chairs available on the pergola. They look nice.

adorable wooden boat house waterfront with two storey and lake surrounding

amazing boat house waterfront with wooden construction featuring glass window

awesome boat house waterfront with wooden cladding wall and stairs with stainless banister

beautiful boat house with wooden floor and cover featuring transparent glass window

charming boat house with wooden dock for boat garage

cool boat house with wooden stair railing and stainless banister

dramatic boat house with wooden dining room including grey comfy chair and rattan table also fire hood combined with transparent glass wall

extraordinary boat house with wooden living room with white comfy sofa combined with transparent glass window

fabulous boat house with wooden bedroom with wooden bed and comfy cushions featuring wooden cabinet completed with transparent glass window

fantastic wooden boat house waterfront with two storey and lake surrounding completed with lighting at night

inspiring wooden boat house structure combined with glass window and lake view surrounding completed with lighting at night

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