Contemporary Apartment Style for Comfortable Living

March 16, 2016

The beautiful contemporary apartment ideas can be obtained from many designs. The Donovan Hill studio has transformed the wool store into stunning modern apartment. Located in Brisbane, Australia, the modern apartment is needed to accommodate the limited land in the dense urban area. This converted wool store looks so elegant with stylish decoration and interior design. The interior design is decorated as stylish as possible to provide total comfort design. The architects use their creativity to transform the room into this captivating modern apartment design.

Contemporary Apartment Interior Design

The minimalist and elegant decoration is chosen to create this fascinating contemporary apartment decor. The unique sectional sofa without backrest is applied in the family room. This plush sofa looks so elegant inside the contemporary apartment interior design. Floral pattern rug above the sofa looks so beautiful. The floral pattern makes vary nuance in this modern interior. The elegant floor lamp is placed beside the sofa to light the elegance of the sofa. The steel material with curve design makes this lamp looks so captivating. The thin white curtain design let the sunlight pass the curtain through the large windows in this room. The bare stone wall decoration also makes the room interior looks more impressive.

Contemporary Apartment Decoration

The contemporary apartment is designed by minimalist decoration to get spacious and modern look. The colorful wall painting becomes an appropriate decoration to place on the white room interior. The light color on this painting can invite fresh nuance inside the room interior. The beautiful flower in the vas can increase the beauty of contemporary apartment decor. The white flower with green leaves look so adorable. Unique pendant light with ball shape is hanging near the main entrance. This lamp looks so elegant.

There is no separator to divide each room, except the bedroom and bathroom. This design make the apartment looks more spacious and feel more comfort. The furniture or rug becomes simple sign to divide each function in the room. The contemporary apartment has efficient and minimalist design to give total comfort to the owner.

captivating place to relaxation arranged by woods and brightened with lamp light

delightful area decorated with wooden buffet and the blonde wooden shoes rack

drop dead gorgeous place with wooden buffet and also unique pendant lamp

entrancing bedroom design with the bare stone wall decoration and white curtain also white large windows

exciting area with floor arranged by woods and the white pot brightened with lamp light at night

exotic and elegant kitchen design beautified with the chrome scouring pad and sink also contemporary oven and burner

extraordinary family room of contemporary apartment completed with exotic white leather sofa and a unique iron lamp

inspiring kitchen mixed with elegant living room when the kitchen completed with black wooden kitchen counter and chrome cabinet

interesting and elegant bathroom completed with bathroom sink and the white toilet seat also beautified with black ceramic floor

mesmerizing living room with unique glass chairs and a blonde wooden table filled also with abstract big painting and air conditioner above

outstanding family room design beautified with glass chairs and centrepiece on the wooden table also floral pattern rug and the unique white sofa

astonishing bedroom design completed with amazing double bed with two unique lamps at the both sides and beautified with painting above

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