Contemporary Duplex House Design with a Plenty of Overhang Features

March 7, 2016

Stelle Architects has incredibly shaped a beautiful contemporary duplex house design so called the Ocean Guest House project for a modern duplex residence in New York. The design accentuates on the existence of some overhangs which apparently appear as the solar protection tool. Those overhangs impressively formed with the basic purpose to reduce heat and rays when the summer comes thus the house atmosphere will stay comfy and cool. For every house owner who searches alternative contemporary duplex house plans, this design provides new inspiration about how the overhangs could escalate the beauty of the dwelling without losing its main purpose.

Modern Element Decoration on the Contemporary Duplex House Design

Generally this residence has some appealing elements decoration which demonstrates the best part of contemporary duplex home designs. The overhang is the first element, then the modern flat rooftop maybe the next stirring aspect of this contemporary duplex house design. The rooftop apparently emerges very suitable with some glass facades on the second floor. And along with glazing and some cement panels, this dwelling appears very futuristic and dynamic. Those large glass doors and windows still allow natural lighting to enter the house with of course a little bit protection from the overhangs structure.

Contemporary Duplex House Design in a Modern Shifted Volume Form

However, the form itself was designed in a modern shifted volume which undeniably gives strong contemporary outlook. The way the volume developed and organized two levels into a good fusion is mature and precise. For anyone who adores contemporary duplex house design with minimalist, modest yet elegant style, this design will satisfy them in the very first place. And of course, when exploring deeper inside the house, each room clearly seen has a very modern vibe.

The first floor has one lovely terrace, a spacious garage, entry corridor, and so on. And the second floor was divided into a long entry way, an additional terrace with those lucent glass facades, elegant bedrooms, trendy kitchen and bathrooms. Each element really represents mature arrangement and make this contemporary duplex house design becomes absolutely authentic as modern decoration prototype.

adorable duplex house with black and white colour scheme wall completed with large courtyard

amazing duplex house with white wall and large courtyard

awesome duplex house with black and white wall featuring glass window

beautiful duplex house with white wall and large courtyard completed with lighting at night

charming duplex house with black and white wall featuring transparent glass wall completed with lighting at night

cool duplex house with white and glass wall combined with large courtyard

dramatic duplex house including wooden floor and stair with glass banister combined with white wall

fabulous duplex house beautified with white and black wall

fantastic duplex house with white and glass wall completed with backyard

gorgeous duplex house with black and white wall combined with glass element

inspiring duplex house including wooden stair with glass banister combined with white wall

outstanding duplex house including powder room with white vanity table and wash basin featuring large mirror and glass skylight

stylish living room with white sofa and cushion featuring white table added on wooden floor and rug next to terrace with unique rattan hanging chair and glass sliding door

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