Contemporary Home Design in a Magnificent and Vigorous Stone Structure

March 8, 2016

Topos Atelier Arquitectura has beautifully created one magnificent contemporary home design for a modern duplex residence in Portugal. The stone structure apparently emerges as the main attraction since it obviously dominates both the exterior and interior form. Striking concept of contemporary home design ideas in this case was appeared through the vigorous stone walls. Some additional materials such as glass, marble, and wood were also formed for this dwelling. The modern accent emerges very enchanting through furniture and glazing, make this design becomes one inspiring illustration of contemporary home design plans.

Stone Walls as the Vigorous Accent of Contemporary Home Design

The stone perfectly exposes the sense of gigantic, and it was developed for the whole part of the wall and some floor on the outside. This contemporary home design plans really appreciates the beauty of stone as natural material which could emerge beautifully in a modern concept. Modern flat rooftop was designed as the best soul mate for the stone walls and escalates the modern sense of exterior decoration. Entering the house, stone still appears although glazing was showed more dominant here.

Contemporary Home Design with Trendy Modern Interior Decoration

Generally, besides an abundance of large glass sliding doors and windows, the interior was formed in modern style through the existence of glossy marble floor and high ceiling. The furniture also appears very contemporary and stylish. This contemporary home design really shows the best side of how vigorous exterior could blend magically with the modern and minimalist indoor decoration. Each room inside the house was obviously developed in a modest arrangement, but still demonstrates voguish outlook.

For any vigorous appearance enthusiast, they could refer to this design which presents the beauty of stone walls. Then for the home owner who adores modern decoration also could implement some interior concept of this dwelling. In conclusion, the way this house shows its enchanting contemporary home design through some features is genuinely impressive.

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awesome contemporary home design with high wooden gate combined with sand hardscape

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outstanding contemporary home design including living room with unique black sofa added on granite tile combined with black fireplace

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