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Contemporary Home Design with Gorgeous Modern Overhangs Roof

April 11, 2016

Marmol Radziner has perfectly composed a lovely contemporary home design for one story modern house in New Zealand. The design emphasizes on how modern overhangs roof successfully protect the house from the harmful rays and climate. The roof shape itself was up down checkmark and it apparently represents dynamic style of contemporary home design ideas. For any home owner who has a dwelling in a site with strong sunray and harsh climate could refer to this contemporary home design plans illustration as their new reference.

Contemporary Home Design and Stylish Overhangs Multifunction Roof

The site of this modern dwelling is Wanaka Valley with an abundance of sunray is the main factor why the house was completed with overhangs roof. A contemporary home design is generally assumed as a fusion of some modest yet stylish shape and decoration. This dwelling could be mentioned as the best representation of it. The shape of overhang roof emerges very stylish yet simple, giving a futuristic appearance. Moreover, the main material is wood and glass. Those materials were apparently installed in term of producing homey, warm yet still has modern accent. Wooden floor and some wooden furniture clearly blend with those large glass sliding windows and door. Another material such as concrete and stone were also added and enhance the sense of breezy for the house.

Contemporary Home Design with Wood and Glass Features

As already being mentioned before, this house has wood and glass accent. In the living room, the sense of modern of contemporary home design in this dwelling was appeared by the large glass sliding door and windows. Moreover, wooden floor and concrete bare wall created a homey and nature vibe. In the modest dining room which emerge in integrated form with one minimalist kitchen, wood appears fully dominant through floor and furniture.

And the last but not least perhaps is the bedroom which also shows the beauty of wood and glass elements. In conclusion, this residence undeniably expresses how overhangs roof, along with wood and glass features bring more nature and homey feeling. Thus, for everyone who admire contemporary home design with nature accent, could rely on this illustration and mix it with own inspiration and idea.

awesome rustic style driveway with natural stone to modern home design with beautiful natural green environment presenting fresh nuance

beautiful outdoor swimming pool of modern home design with wooden deck and green landscape surrounding

cozy sitting with wooden armchair and black binoculars above rounded wooden table and wooden floor in modern home design

fabulous modern home design with rustic style driveway with natural stone featured beautiful green landscape surrounding

fantastic footpath with concrete flooring and grey fencing decorated with gravels and lush greenery surrounding for beautiful exterior with scenic view

incredible first floor used for kitchen with island dining relaxing sitting and living space in modern home design

inspiring attic space in modern home design with white ceiling and plenty of windows added to provide natural lighting

interesting minimalist style bedroom in modern home with wooden bed and white puffy bed featured with white pendant lamp

lovely green scenic view from patio with wooden floor in modern home under the white ceiling near outdoor pool

remarkable kitchen with wooden cabinet and island completed with countertop and accent black stools for mini bar and casual dining above wooden floor

stunning slim rectangular pendant lamp added above wooden kitchen island with stainless steel countertop and black stools above wooden floor

sweet green scenic view with green hill behind contemporary modern home design with wooden wall and transparent glass windows

winning indoor staircase to connect with upper floor with wooden step and handrail completed with bookcase to combine with white wall

wonderful living space of modern home with black puffy sofas and cushions also coffee table under unique white lamps alongside lounge sitting area above wooden floor

adorable modern home entry design with jagged natural stone wall combined with striped wooden wall and completed with wooden entrance door

amazing outdoor space of modern home design completed with rectangular outdoor pool with beautiful green panoramic view

astounding modern home design with wooden deck and transparent glass wall with sliding door combined with wooden ceiling and glass windows with white curtains

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