Contemporary Home Style that Give Extraordinary Living Experience

March 17, 2016

The contemporary home can be designed from many different styles. The architect can use their creativity to make an extraordinary building and keep the owner to stay comfort to live in this home. The House Made of Two project has been designed by Naf Architect & Design. As the name of the project, this home has two unique building that is built with close distance. The combination of this two building makes a unique style exterior design. Located in dense urban area, Yokohama, Japan, this astonishing home looks striking among the home around this modern home.

Contemporary Home Exterior Design

The contemporary home plans are divided into two building that provide unique structure on the exterior design. This contemporary home exterior design forms unique curve design that makes this home looks so adorable. The white wall painting and grey sloping roof make this home has strong character. Between the two buildings is separated by small triangle courtyard. The glass window in the basement and first floor looks so captivating. There are some spaces between the glass window and the wall. At night, this adorable home looks so elegant. The warm light from inside the home gives romantic nuance in the home exterior design. This treatment makes the modern home exterior looks so wonderful.

Contemporary Home Interior Design

The contemporary home interior is designed by minimalist design. The minimalist decoration make the modern home looks more elegant and spacious. The living room represent of the Japan characteristic. There is only a wooden table and creamy color rug to keep the guest always warm. The bright room interior makes the home looks so elegant. Entering the entertain room. This contemporary home decor looks so minimalist. Only there are wooden structure, two speaker, and air condition.

The bathroom is designed by unique design. The bathroom is located in the corner of the home that can obtain optimize natural sunlight. The wooden floor with sloping ceiling make this room looks so elegant. The small plant in this room can give natural atmosphere in the bathroom. The contemporary home can provide extraordinary living experience ever.

one of outstanding building captured from the other side showing a garage and living room at first floor at night

simple and contemporary yard between two unique main buildings

two marvellous buildings formed with unique curve design making home exterior so stunning

two natural plants placed at room corner on the wooden floor making the room so natural

wonderful living room with glass walls beside the garage with a luxurious car

awesome living room beautified with wooden armchairs and a wooden table with the pendant lamp above also unique wooden structure in the ceiling

breathtaking living room design with wooden table and creamy rug representing japan characteristic

charming corner of the entertain room with large glass walls and sloping ceiling

extraordinary exterior home design with white walls and sloping black roof

interesting dinning room with wooden dinning chairs and a wooden table also a exotic kitchen completed with modern kitchenware then also big wooden bookcase beside the stair

marvellous bathroom design at home corner filled with white bathtub and chrome shower also limited with thick glasses

mesmerizing entertain room design completed with wooden structure and two unique speakers also air conditioner above

minimalist and contemporary building view showing the unique curve design with simple yard at night

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