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Contemporary Vacation House that Applies Various Glass Panels

March 15, 2016

Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects created Nowhere but Sajima, a contemporary vacation house that is situated in Yokosuka-City, near Tokyo, Japan. It is a modern residence with simple but fascinating design. You can check some details of the house via the pictures provided in the article. Just read the descriptions as well while observing them.

You know, in the very first image, you will find a garage of the contemporary vacation house plans with simple way in. The building’s part here is also simple with square shape. Here you can find two amusing windows, too. There is a floating part of the building with adorable design. Well, look at the patio that is simply nice with plants decorating. The second image shows you the fascinations of the house. There are various glass panels with various shapes like square, pentagon, capsule-shaped, etc. Through the panels here, you can see the water of the sea nearby.

Well, in the following image, you can see the beach near the residence that is bordered with thick concrete fence. You can find the residence that looks adorable from the far angle here. The design that is unique makes the contemporary vacation house easy enough to be found. Next, in the fourth image, you can see some lamps of the rooms are turned on, seen from the glass panels there. It seems that the interior design was done with minimalist but alluring appearance. The building of the modern house vacation rentals on the right side seems so fantastic with green plants seen.

Alright, the last but not the least, it’s an image about a room of the house. Here you can see that the room is open with no paneling to get the fresh sea wind. Look at the floor design that is perfectly flawless. There are other things that are awesome like the built-in wooden storage available. On the ceiling, there is a fabulous ceiling lamp.

prepossessing garage of contemporary vacation house design with square shape and completed with two stunning windows and adorable floating building part also beautified with a patio and fresh

Astonishing water closet of contemporary vacation house design filled with modern toilet and bathroom sink also beautified with several small ceiling lamps

Breathtaking entry corridor of contemporary vacation house design with huge wooden walls to reach the unique bed room

Captivating bed room of contemporary vacation house design completed with two amusing beds with white bed covers and beautified with a wooden armless chair and unique small table lamp

captivating dinning room of contemporary vacation house design completed with elegant dinning chairs and white wide table at night brightened with good lightings system

Extraordinary bathroom of contemporary vacation house design with wide glass walls completed with glamour bathtub and chrome shower also filled with modern toilet

gorgeous open area of contemporary vacation house design with no panelling beautified with built-in wooden storage and fabulous ceiling lamp also completed with small table and plant decor

Interesting moving wooden storage of contemporary vacation house set on the white floor to access other parts of the house

Mesmerizing living room of contemporary vacation house design with amazing ceramic floor filled with exotic all kinds of colour sofa and built-in wooden storage

picturesque contemporary vacation house design in the edge of beautiful sea limited with thick concrete fence and beautified with various glass panels with various shapes like square pentagon

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