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Cool Bathroom Vanities Ideas without Tops for Classic Bathroom Interior Design

March 14, 2016

Bathroom vanity is one of particular furniture since it creates well organized appearance in this room. Cabinet vanity is usually equipped with undermounted sink and sleek vanity top. The top is usually made of marble, porcelain, quartz, etc. Those materials are water resistant so the user can clean any water splash or soap foam easily. Mid century bathroom furniture usually has clever cabinet storages built in. You may put any accessories or stuff inside this sink cabinet bathroom vanities without tops. If you have small bathroom then the existence of compact storages in clever placement is important. Do you think so?

Here in this moment, we want to share deep information about cool bathroom vanities ideas without tops sinks for classic bathroom interior design. I hope that you can be inspired after seeing these images below. By using this kind of vanity, you need to be careful in washing hands so that the splash just around the sink. Any splash or stain around the sink will be difficult to erase since the top is wooden made. I will discuss some images below. First cool image presents lovely guest bathroom interior decor ideas with painted white wooden sink cabinet vanity along with functional drawers built in.

There is undermounted rectangle sink at the top of this custom bathroom vanities without tops with no any sleek material built in. Other cool image presents traditional minimalist wooden sink cabinet vanity feats trough sink and single drawer below. This vanity is placed in free standing placement overlooking with steel handler. Other astounding image shows lavish high gloss furnished wooden sink cabinet vanity with three tier drawers built in. Each drawers has double bullets as handler. At the base edges, there is carving accessories. The exceptional curved shape of this furniture looks so adorable and cool. Do you have same opinion with me? I hope so? Which vanity is your choice?

amazing bathroom furniture design with glossy teak sink vanity and compact drawers built in

amazing bathroom vanities without tops decor ideas feats tier drawers and open towel rack built in

amazing bathroom vanities without tops design with functional open rack underneath and steel bullet handler

amusing bathroom vanities without tops design feats modular curved surface and tribal patterned texture

astounding bathroom fixture ideas withn sustainabel teak sink cabinet vanity along with long iron handler

astounding bathroom vanities without tops desigbn feats open shelves built in and trough sink

classic bathroom vanities without tops design with modular curved open rack wall unit and black bullet handler

cool bathroom decoration ideas feats sustainable glossy teak cabinet vanity and white steel drawer handler

lovely bathroom fixture ideas feats stands free white wooden sink vanity and undermounted sink

luxurious bathroom furniture design ideas feats stands free sink cabinet vanity and carving built in

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