Development Department of Children Toys Company

March 22, 2016

A development department of LEGO PMD is well designed by Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord. These architects from Denmark have finished this company building in captivating result. This building is located in Billund city, part of Denmark. The main concept of this building is enhancing such fresh office interior to support the work of the employees. Colorful interior is chosen since it is so cheerful in look. It looks like playground rather than office. It is such a challenging yet exciting process for the architects. It is because they have to make the interior representatives the LEGO children toys products.

Development Department with Colorful Office Interior

This development department as one of company building has office interior in assorted color schemes. On each room of this development services department we can find different color theme to give such cozy atmosphere towards the whole room elements. The main color for the concrete walls is white. The choice of office furniture is based on the main color theme applied on each office room. Each of meeting room is well colored with fresh color schemes such as green, pink, blue, and orange. The color comes from metal chairs and rug. Wall art is also applied to complete the color accent.

Development Department Designed as Playground Workspace

Since it is a development department of LEGO Company, it has many wide spaces to keep huge toys collection. This development business department is also has many spots to discuss any idea of developing the idea of increasing business case. Such a playground office that people will love to work there.
A unique thing is seen from the presence of metal slide. It is used as a fast way to get the lower level of this building. The colorful interior design and office room layout of this development department is very fascinating.

adorable space of children toys company design with fantastic staircase and round lamps also completed with unique chrome floor

amazing storage of lego house design with chrome floor and sloped ceiling filled with several racks to save the legos

awesome toys of lego house design with several transportation toys like ufo plane then battle tank then car and jet plane

charming podium of children toys company design with wide bookcase and wooden buffet also kind of toys stacked on the white boxes

cool storage of lego house design with sloped roof and completed with loft and racks fulfilled with kinds of toy

extraordinary room of lego house design with bright orange floor completed with orange armless chairs and circle white table

fantastic entertainment room of children toys company design with grey rug and soccer toy and beautiful round lamp

fascinating space of lego house design with flat white ceiling beautified with luxurious blue sofa and white table

mesmerizing room of children toys company design with wooden tables and chairs with chrome closed slide and and red armchair

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