Enhance the Style and Safety of Your Staircase by Installing a Banister

February 13, 2016

Banister can make the staircase in your house look more beautiful and stylish. With banister, the staircase will also be safer for you and your family. Therefore, installing a banister on your staircase is a must.

If you love classic choice, then look at the first and second pictures. From the two pictures, you can see a simple short staircase in a traditional style house. White painted wood banisters decorate the staircase, giving traditional touch. The white banisters also have simple but interesting carvings. Black painted wood handles complement the white banisters. The black handles also make the staircase look more elegant. Light gray carpet lies on steps of the staircase. The carpet helps to make the staircase appear more beautiful.

The third picture shows a modern house or building with staircases. The staircases help to connect three floors of the house. Dark wood planks decorate steps of the staircases, creating a warmer look. Metal banister in dark color is installed on one side of the staircases. The metal banister also makes the staircases look more impressing and elegant. The main function of the metal banister is certainly to provide safety. I think the metal banister is very strong, so it offers great safety and durability.

The fourth picture shows a staircase that is not only impressing, but also unique. It’s actually a simple wood staircase. However, glass banister is installed on one side of the wood staircase. People rarely install glass banister on their staircase. So, it can be considered as a unique choice. The glass banister really makes the wood staircase look so special. The wood staircase even appears more modern with the glass banister. If you want to install glass banister on your staircase, then go on. I encourage you to choose shatterproof glass banister for your staircase because it can provide great safety.

amazing decorative black banister combined with white treads also high pole design

awesome wall art paintings decor mixed with foyer oriental rug plus black railing banister also wooden treads

cleanly laminate floor paired with decorative white banister plus wooden handrail design

cool salmon wall paint color background mixed with white banister and handrail plus brown ceramic floor tile design

modern brown staircase with wooden treads also horizontal banister plus white wall paint color background

natural succulent plants paired with black interior storages also white railing banister design

neutral brown wall paint color background plus wooden treads also glass banister design plus white recessed light

plain white wall paint color background with wooden treads also black banister design

simple white staircase with white railing banister also black wooden handrail plus brown wall paint color background

vintage wooden treads with glass banister plus white wall paint color background also hole window

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