Living Room

Ethnic Rustic Living Room

February 14, 2016

Living room is a primary public room for family member. There are many awesome concepts for living room design. Any color concept available to design your living room. Rustic color is a warm color tone for your living room.

Color combination is not always using color painting to get living room color. Furniture and living room material give a unique color tone. Ethnic woody living room has rustic color tone effect. Brown, gold, yellow, bronze, beige, and other natural color give rustic living room view. Design and build all part and furniture from wooden material. High wooden ceiling is a good point to be here. Use high gloss lacquer woody for the indoor fence, living room table, living room chair, bench, side table, stand lamp, window frame, doors, and other furniture u need. Choose unfinished wooden for living room ornaments, floating shelf, wooden sculpture, boarding wall, etc. High gloss laminate flooring is a good choice for this ethnic woody living room concept. Hang heritage motif hammock with unfinished wooden frame. Add natural green color from your favorite foliage pot plant. Put the foliage pot plant in the living room’s corner. Choose a small foliage pot plant and put above the side table. Stack the beige natural stones whole of one side façade living room’s wall. Build an ethnic woody living room with good air circulation. Choose halogen yellow lighting to get golden and rustic effect.

Elegant vintage contemporary rustic living room will be looked more gorgeous with one side bay window and door glass. Design a beige vintage stony fireplace. Choose an off-white velvet leather living room sofa sets. Put ethnic woody coffee table beside the sofa set. Put a white cottony cushion and quilt on the sofa set. Put a small flowery pot plant on the side table. Hang a unique vintage wall mirror with rustic gold framed. Cover the wall with beige color marble.

captivating rustic living room with coffered ceiling and l shaped sofa design with stone fireplace feat oversized window

dual height window also slipcover sofa in rustic living room plus stone fireplace and flat mounted tv

exposed ceiling beam in rustic living room plus brown sofa with wood floor feat decorative wall mirror

large arched window with stone fireplace feat creative chandelier in rustic living room plus armchairs

leather sofa design with wood vaulted ceiling and stone fireplace in rustic living room feat potted plant table centrepiece

roman numeral clock display in rustic living room plus brown sofa design with cool round coffee table

round window and carving photo frame over fireplace in beautiful rustic living room plus white sofa set

stone accent wall idea plus wing back bench design and round coffee table in rustic living room

stone fireplace wall mantel in rustic living room plus mismatching accent chairs and upholstered coffee table

twin table lamps in rustic living room feat wood high ceiling design plus stone fireplace and round side table

wooden wall design with skylight feat comfortable seating furniture plus rectangular coffee table in rustic living room

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