Initiative Duplex Renovation Ideas with Beautiful Backyard with Pool

March 28, 2016

In Sunshine beach, Australia, a duplex building renovation is updating the existing building in 80’s. However, the renovation is great that changes the house to be modern and elegant. The house is dominated by white and bright grey colors. Some plants are let to beautify the house. They also give the touch of fresh nature to the house. The main door is not located in the middle as usual house, instead it is found in the right side of the house. The wooden footage is prepared to welcome people and guide them to the entrance.

The simple front outlook is contrasting the elegant backyard with contemporary swimming pool. The all white furniture beside the pool helps it to be more attractive. A simple transparent glass borders the pool and the open room with white furniture. That is one of the amazing duplex renovation ideas of this house. The inside rooms are even more amazing.

The family room is large with soft floor color without any rug. The sofa in front of the television is yellow which is combined with the orange pillows. Behind the sofas, a very large glass door exists. Opening the door means enlarge the family room since the sofas are ready in that room as the family room furniture. In the other room, white simple kitchen sets are standing gently beautifying the elegant house. The room is almost all white. The glass window in one side of the kitchen helps people in enjoying the cooking activities.

The bedroom of the room is warm and elegant. Cream dominated color is good with the bright shining green blanket. White blanket with green patterns of flowers is also good to be on the room. A bathroom is located beside the bed with the border of large transparent glass door. In fact, those modern simple rooms are the result of remodeling duplex building of 80’s era.

adorable initiative duplex renovation ideas with a large balcony space facing the street dominated with white and grey color

amazing sunshine beach house with white color beautified with plant to give the fresh and natural touch

awesome landscaping the home side went with wooden path combined with stone and plants

beautiful duplex building with outdoor swimming pool in house completed with lighting at night

charming interior duplex house including open living room design with soft color concept

cool a fine modern house design with soft color interior concept in living room beautified with yellow sofa and wooden stair also glass banister

extraordinary contemporary beach house design including open living room design with soft color concept completed with skylight

extraordinary contemporary beach house including kitchen with white kitchen set and wooden bar chair

fabulous modern house including open living room design with orange sofa and glass table view from top

fantastic modern beach house including kitchen countertops next to wooden stair featuring glass banister

gorgeous modern beach house with bedroom in soft color scheme completed with brown bed next to bathroom

inspiring contemporary beach house with beds and wooden table also fan ceiling with lamp in soft color

luxury modern house including bathroom in soft color scheme with brown bathroom sink and large mirror

mesmerizing contemporary beach house with soft color and brown bathroom sink also shower enclosure

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