Interior Design Ideas with White Theme for Those White Enthusiasts

April 10, 2016

Lanciano Design has beautifully done interior design ideas for modern duplex residence in Israel named Sea Shell Residence. The concept accentuates on the existence of white theme for each element. High-quality materials implementation also enhances the beauty of this home interior design ideas prototype. Some natural materials such as marble, wood and stone were used, along with touches of glass, steel and metal. And the way white dominates wall, ceiling, floor, and furniture of this dwelling is incredibly authentic, make this illustration becomes one of the most affecting modern interior design ideas.

Interior Design Ideas and How White Shows the Beauty of Modern Design

Primarily this house really demonstrates the sense of lucent and tranquil through white as the main hue. For every white enthusiast, this prototype will be promising enough as interior design ideas archetype. Start from the main living room, white marble floor was composed with white painted wall and ceiling. The furniture emerges in white and grey combination, while a hint was appeared through some colors in art painting and accessories. The modern dinning room and one stylish kitchen were also built in sparkling white. Some large glass sliding doors and windows apparently also enhance the tranquil and peaceful aura of the white.

Wood Escalates the Homey and Comfy Appearance of Interior Design Ideas

Entering the bedroom, this dwelling has wooden accent for the floor. And it successfully brings more homey and warm outlook for this interior design ideas prototype. The white however remains dominant for the wall, ceiling and furniture. Moreover, the bathroom also has warm blonde wooden floor. White basins and bathtub with large sliding door obviously produce the modern vibe of this bathroom. The home owner will mesmerize with all these white features.

In summary, this house undeniably gives a very mature example of modern decoration with white theme. Hence for any owner who loves calm and peaceful atmosphere, they could implement this white style as their new decoration. Overall, not only demonstrates the best side of interior design ideas, but this illustration also gives some new innovative idea about arrangement and how putting white as the main soul of modern design.

charming modern living room with grey leather sofa and white puffy sofas with cushions above fur rug also white table featuring white painted wall and ceiling beside white wooden stair

fabulous kitchen with white pendant lamps above white marble countertop alongside white cabinet with kitchen sink and built in kitchen hood above gas stove

large space in modern home design with yellow unique chair and animal rug above wooden floor and white wall with unique ornament

living room with white and grey sofas including cushions also white table above fur rug and white marble floor featuring white painted wall and ceiling with white fluorescent

lovable powder toilet with white ceramic bathtub featuring modern wooden vanity set with mirror wall featuring white ceiling with led downlight

lovely wooden floor bedroom with white bed and white wooden cabinet featuring glass windows with curtain and workbench with white steel chair and black rattan lounge chair in white rug

luxury white granite floor powder toilet with glowing wash basin featuring large mirror and ice glass partition

mesmerizing simple dinning room with transparent glass windows including black table and grey wooden chairs above white marble floor along with white ceiling with lamps

minimalist workspace in modern home design with wooden desk and office chairs also white wooden cabinet plus white chairs and stainless steel table above grey fur rug

modern bedroom with large bed including white pillows featuring white wall with unique ornament above wooden floor

pretty wooden floor bedroom with white double bed and white wooden cabinets featuring white wall and glass windows with white curtains

simple white wooden stair to connect with upper floor along with transparent glass windows in white wall

space in modern home design with white wooden wall and white ceiling above wooden floor with led lights

stunning white wooden stair with transparent glass banister above white marble floor beside white and grey wall

stunning wooden floor bedroom with white wooden bed and white wooden cabinet with wooden table featuring white wall and glass windows with white curtain featuring white ceiling

terrific minimalist bedroom with white puffy bed and white pillows featuring white wooden cabinet and grey wooden wall with white ceiling and wooden floor

winning powder toilet with white ceramic wash basin and cream flooring featuring beautiful brown partition

wonderful wooden floor powder toilet with modern wooden vanity set featuring large mirror and white arc ceiling with spotlight

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