Loft Apartment Interior: the Tales of Two Design in One Building

April 8, 2016

Creating a loft apartment interior shall be adjusted to our basic needs and interests. This time, we are going to take a look at two different apartment interiors which is located in New York City. Both apartments are for sale, so you might also be interested in buying it too. The exact location for the building is the Greenwich Street, Tribeca, Lower Manhattan, New York City. Both apartments has a spacious area. However, each of them has contrasting design to one another.

Loft Apartment Interior: the 4th Floor

Let’s take a closer observation towards the loft apartment interior which is located on the fourth floor of the building. This interior seems so artistic with many decorations hung on the wall. In the dining room, for example, you would be able to find many large paintings. Additionally, the room itself has an artistic nature since it has carving on the ceiling. You would also be able to find beautiful kitchen as equipped with wine racks above the kitchen counters in this loft apartment interior design.

Loft Apartment Interior: the 8th Floor

If you prefer a simpler apartment design, you might want to take a look at the loft apartment interior in the eighth floor. This apartment has a sleek design with less decorations. The living room in this loft apartment interior design ideas is placed on one corner of the room. It has a long couch, one arm chair, and a single lounge chairs. Its bathroom, however, uses marble to create a luxurious and dreamy impression towards the residents.

Next, we are going to compare both of the house’s floor plans, The fourth floor loft has two bedrooms. It places the dining hall in the middle of the loft. The rests are utilized to be the showing gallery of the residents’ art collection. Meanwhile, the eighth-floor loft has a more functional room since it consists of four bedrooms, one study room, and one large activity room. It is now up to you in deciding which loft apartment interior that might suit your needs better.

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