Many Gorgeous IKEA Laundry Room Designs

February 11, 2016

It seems like laundry room is not important in your home, but the fact is that you need this room for your center of cleaning. It is like an exception as usually you do not use this room directly everyday. However, you still need to decorate laundry room in order to make your comfortable once you use it. Then, below are some gorgeous IKEA laundry room designs that may suit your expectation.

The first laundry room design is simple white brown laundry room design. This room does not consist of lots of stuff. There is only one washing machine placed near the wall, but it contains double machines. It is placed below the window near the upper cabinet for laundry stuff like detergent. Right in front of the washing machine is the racks for placing rattan basket for cloths. There are some rattan baskets in the racks that make you possible to separate different cloth. Another upper cabinet is hanging above the racks with the additional mini racks.

The next design is compact white brown laundry room. this design is very compact with the united design of the cabinet and the washing machines. Started from the left side is the high closet to put some ready cloths after the laundry process. It also consists of drawers in the bottom side. Then, it is followed by the lower and upper white cabinet which consist of white sink with stain faucet. Under the brown countertop of the cabinet, there are two brown washing machines. The room is designed with brown and white color.

Another design is natural wooden laundry room design. This design is also compact with the united design of the cabinet and the washing machine. There are three separated cabinets. The two cabinets are placed higher that the one which gives space for the white washing machine in the outer side. Meanwhile, the other cabinet is placed on the floor between the two washing machines with the modern white sink, and it is placed below the window. Those are some gorgeous IKEA laundry room ideas that will make your laundry days fun.

cleanly laminate floor paired with teal wall paint color background plus white ikea laundry room set

country white ikea laundry room set paired with brown granite countertop plus beige wall paint color background

high white beadboard with brown wall paint color background plus ikea laundry room set

minimalist ikea wooden laundry room cabinet with white washing machines plus gray wall paint color background

modern recessed light with teal wall tile color plus ikea laundry room interior design

neutral ikea laundry room set with turquoise wall tile color also frosted glass door design

plain brown laundry room with sliding window plus white ikea furniture design

plain white wall paint color background also ikea laundry room set plus dryer rack near sliding window

shabby ikea laundry room set with french windows plus cone pendant lamp also teal wall paint color background

simple white ikea laundry room set with french door plus flax wall paint color background

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