Mid-Century Beadboard Bathroom Interior Design feats Mounting Medicine Cabinet

April 4, 2016

Wanna have old style bathroom with high serenity atmosphere? Please read this article thoughtfully as well as observing these inspirational images below. For me, classic bathroom has strong calm nuance by the neutral color scheme and dramatic dim lighting concept. You can feel strong peaceful situation while taking a bath in this kind of bathroom. Beside lighting and color scheme, old style bathroom is characterized with over wooden sink vanity along with sustainable wooden beadboard bathroom or wainscoting. By using this permanent decor, your bathroom wall tiles will be multi patterns so it looks more stunning. Do you have same impression with me? I hope so.

In this moment, we want to share information about mid-century beadboard bathroom vanity interior design feats mounting medicine cabinet. Obviously, you can choose which image that inspires you a lot. Combine the neutral beadboard tone with fresh wall paint embellished with eye catchy patterns. I will discuss some images below. First gorgeous image presents mid-century guest bathroom design for small space with plain light blue wall paint above white wooden wainscoting. There is small framed bay window covered with decorative ethnic patterned vertical shutter.

At the top of classic closet, there is sustainable white wooden medicine cabinet beside rectangle mirror added with luminous dull wall lamps on vintage wash stand. White wooden beadboard surrounds this bathroom overlooking with checkered creamy granite flooring plan. In my opinion, beadboard panel is able to increase the cleanliness aspect of your bathroom since the bright color can cover any stains or water splash. Next astounding image presents old style bathroom ideas in plain dark grey wall paint over half white wooden beadboard bathroom wall cabinet. There is stainless steel sleek wall sconces shade beside contemporary wall picture to boast high-end state of the art. Small closet is put at the right side of wash stand. How cool it is!

astounding bright bathroom ideas with white beadboard along with stainless steel wall sconces shade

awesome bright bathroom design with plain blue wall paint and round trough soaking bathtub

classic bathroom design with high white wooden beadboard and teak sink vanity storage

compact bathroom design with white wooden beadboard bathroom below round mirror feats blue wooden frame

dramatic narrow bathroom ideas feats low white wooden beadboard below plain light blue wall paint

inspiring bathroom remodel ideas with triangle fix soaking bathtub and white beadboard

minimalist bathroom ideas with decorative black white polka flooring plan and small white closet aside

modern bright bathroom design for small space with painted grey beadboard and ovale mirror

modern bright bathroom design with white wooden beadboard bathroom below polygon shaped frameless mirror

modern minimalist bathroom design with white wooden wainscoting and compact black teak vanity

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