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Miraculous Hillside Contemporary House Incorporating an Infinity Swimming Pool

March 27, 2016

Paravant Architects, an architectural studio located in Los Angeles, has created this miraculous hillside house that sit modestly on the top of a hill in Atenas, Costa Rica. The designer is intended to make this Areopagus Residence to be one of those green buildings. As what the name suggests, the house is designed to have a good ventilation system. Fresh air is welcomed to come into the house by utilizing some big openings below its roof.

This house incorporates one of those hillside house plans that have various landscapes. It is surrounded by lush vegetation on its front yard and a vast open landscape on its backyard. A more private condition of the front yard is exploited by the existence of an infinity swimming pool right in front of the house facade. The swimming pool itself is located on the upper level of the house while the lower level is designed to be accessed through a garage. Beside the infinity swimming pool, there is an open terrace that is merged with the poolside in a smooth concrete floor.

A set of patio dining furniture is placed in this area. A patio dining table provides some seats in the form of wooden chairs. You can enjoy a picturesque panorama of the nearby town below the hillside from this point of interest. Through this area, you can enter the house and see an elegant interior design. Some openings below the roof make this eco-friendly house gets a sufficient natural light from the outside. An existence of glass walls also makes the room inundated in sun light.

This green building is able to create its own energy by using some photovoltaic panels on its roof. Those photovoltaic panels also provide a hot water for the occupants. Moreover, the designer also considers the water management process by installing a waste water treatment on is site. Those characteristics make this house that is applied with one of the hillside house plans for sloping lots is considered as one of the best green building in town.

amazing hillside house on the top of a hill in atenas costa rica

cool hillside house with glass wall and door also with marble floor

dramatic hillside house with white wall beautified with lighting system

fabulous hillside house with infinity pool and natural view completed with lighting system

inspiring hillside house with grey marble floor and stair in open plan design

luxury hillside house with open plan living room design completed with glass wall and modern fire place

romantic hillside house with outdoor dining space with natural view surrounding

splendid hillside house with white color and infinity pool beautified with lighting system in open design

stunning hillside house with open plan design and infinity pool completed with natural view

sweet hillside house with white wall and and stone carport beautified with lighting system

wonderful hillside house with white wall located in atenas costa rica

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