Modern Home Interior: Choosing Marble to Give Luxurious Touch

April 8, 2016

Choosing a modern home interior might not be difficult at the recent time. All you need to do is just follow the trends. The Block House is located in Mexico. It was designed by A-001 Taller de Arquitectura. Since the house design has been exceptional, it is wise enough to employ simplicity for its interior design. The outer part of the wall is the combination between concrete wall and stone wall.

Wooden Accent for Modern Home Interior

Let’s take a look at the dining room in this modern home interior. Woods are mostly employed in this part of modern home interior design. Check the dining table out, it is made out of a beautiful woods with no further combination. It is surrounded by four dining chairs covered in white leather. Above the dining table, we can see a modern chandeliers which emanate light. The wall is also covered by wooden panels.

Luxurious Marble for Modern Home Interior

Aside of woods, we can also use marble to decorate the modern home interior. Take a look at the kitchen design! The kitchen floor is covered by large marble tile. This creates a beautiful combination with the monochrome kitchen set as well as the kitchen island. Additionally, marble is also used in the house’s bedroom. The modern home interior design ideas suggest that you have it as the bathroom countertops.

This two story house places private rooms on the upstairs. Most of the room in this house is covered by glass panel, creating a wider impression in every room. In the backyard, the residents would be able to enjoy the lap pool which has narrow size. It is placed next to the outdoor living with sofa made out of woven bamboo. In terms of lighting, this modern home interior utilize floor lamps for the outdoors.

amazing modern home design featuring chic kitchen interior idea with marble countertop under silver island range hood

astonishing straight wooden staircase in modern home illuminated by wall lamps

awesome floating architecture of modern home with comfy outdoor living space include white sofa set

beautiful lap blue pool seen from modern home lounge area with glass table and red sofa

bright lighting in the modern home backyard at night include comfy patio with white sofa and blue lap pool

chic wooden staircase without railing in straight line to connect with other floor of the modern home

comfy lounge area of the modern home with long red sofa and simple table beside the beautiful lap pool

cool glass walls at the modern home completed with wooden deck and sitting space with dark sofas and white chairs near glass table

extraordinary home entrance of modern home with the glass window and door also integration of concrete and natural stone walls

marvellous straight wooden staircase design without railing to connect with other floor of the modern home

mesmerizing modern home exterior design with stone footpath connecting to outdoor living room with white sofa

modern home style featuring comfy living room interior design with black puffy sofa and white chairs plus glass table on the fur rug

outstanding glass shower room in the modern home bathroom completed with marble vanity and white sinks

stunning dining room of the modern home with long wooden table and cozy chairs on marble floor and under unique lamp

transparent glass walling for the pool of modern home combined with ceramic tile under high ceiling

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