Modern Minimalist Home Encompassing Bright and Light Interior

June 21, 2016

Upsetters Architects has done working on this modern minimalist home that is nested in the famous and modern Tokyo, Japan. The minimalist style of this House in Eifukucho can be easily spotted for the interior design by displaying the bright white interior with contrasting black shade to accent. Despite its simplicity, this modern home interior can provide the light atmosphere to make the living experience even more comfortable.

Charming Modern Minimalist Home with Bright White Interior

Walking into this three storey home, you will be greeted by this incredibly bright living room that employs the space on the second level. Despite its minimalist interior, you can find how the living area of this modern minimalist home can appear simply appealing due the cool combination of black and white color. As the white walls and ceiling create the extremely bright look, the black tiles flooring for this minimalist interior design can bring in the volume to weigh down its light atmosphere.

As if the naturally bright impression from the white interior is not enough, this modern minimalist home interior design also uses the transparent glass element generously. On the living room itself, you can find the large glass windows. There are sliding doors to connect this room with the small balcony as well. The glass element is also employed for the skylight feature over the staircase. The result is clearly seen: as plenty of natural light gets into this white room, you can find how this modern minimalist home can appear even brighter and lighter. Well, such a simple yet great idea to consume less electricity during the days, isn’t it?

Modern Minimalist Home with Cool Concrete Element

Unlike the bright white living room, the entrance hall employing the ground level of this modern home displays the cool impression. It is more likely because of the use of the concrete element for this semi-outdoor space. As you can see, the concrete interior can provide the catchy texture instantly with a cool shade of grey to make its minimalist style stunning in a simple manner. Besides, there is also the gorgeous wooden surface for this modern minimalist home to create another lovely accent.

mesmerizing second floor of modern minimalist home design with skylight and grey floor also clean kitchen alongside family room

nice area at the upper floor of modern minimalist home design with spacious glass walls and concrete stairs with steel hand railing

small garden of modern minimalist home design with lush vegetations as outdoor decoration

amazing interior of modern minimalist home design with wooden cabinet and bookshelves under wooden staircase

awesome modern house cantilever design with spacious glass wall

awesome terrace of modern minimalist home design with glass door and spacious glass walls

beautiful kitchen of modern minimalist home design with white wooden cabinet and countertop under kitchen hood

comfy living room with black leather sofa and fur rug alongside dining room with open design concept

cool modern minimalist home with three storey and unique shape completed with grey wall for exterior

fabulous interior design of modern minimalist home with wooden cabinet under wooden stair surrounded by spacious glass walls

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