Modern Residence Designs with Gorgeous Black Solid Walls and Glazing

March 7, 2016

David Luck Architecture has brilliantly composed modern residence designs with some swanky features namely black solid walls and an abundance of large glass windows for a modern dwelling called Red Hill residence. And along with trendy concept of modern home interior designs, the house apparently appears as a new promising reference. The black walls produce futuristic appearance and the glazing undeniably enhances the beauty of modern. Surrounded by a plenty of beautiful trees and grass, the large glass windows and doors make the house successfully blends with those natural environment elements.

Black and Glass as the Main Vibe of Modern Residence Designs

Based on a fact that modern house plans require more creative design implementation, this design really emerges very attractive. The main vibe of black and glass really represents the beauty of modern residence designs with innovative platform. Those black solid walls and glass features could answer the challenge in term of how the modern element could be represented through some strong aspects. Yes, black and glass is very swanky for modern structure and they incredibly support each other in a very melodious fusion. And a flat rooftop of this dwelling absolutely enhances the contemporary aura without losing its artistic sense.

The Attractiveness of Modern Residence Designs with Black Interior

Entering the house, black was still added as the main hue for the whole interior decoration. Some materials emerge very dominant for instance wood and glass. This could be one of the minimalist yet chic modern residence designs with futuristic interior theme. The glazing undoubtedly becomes very crucial since it allows the natural scenery from the outside entering the house as the main environmental background. The home owner will amaze with how the glazing could bring those greenish panorama for them in a very modern and authentic form.

Each room within the house was also developed in a contemporary arrangement. The owner will get the best living experience as well as a good fusion prototype between modern decoration and beautiful scenery as the main background of the house. Hence, this dwelling design could be cited as one of the most trendy contemporary home designs which bring more creative design features such as black and glass themes.

amazing residence located in red hill with natural grass and greeneries surroundings

awesome modern home ideas with black wall featuring transparent glass wall completed with natural landscape

beautiful contemporary modern home ideas with black wall and and transparent glass wall with natural view

charming open plan house design with black wall and natural view surrounding

cool modern dwelling with black wall and led lighting featuring black wooden path

dramatic red hill home plans with black wall and transparent glass wall including wooden deck with black lounge chair

extraordinary open plan bedroom design with black wall and transparent glass wall featuring natural view surrounding

fabulous red hill modern home with red wall featuring red bed laying space to the scale of the sleeping body combined with black rounded table

fantastic modern home design ideas with open plan kitchen design with steel countertops combined with transparent glass wall and natural landscape view

inspiring modern home design with bedroom and aquarium workspace

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