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Modern Rural Home Design to Invite Totally Peace Atmosphere

March 16, 2016

The modern rural home design has elegant design among the tranquil environment. The House in Caledon has been designed by lan MacDonald Architect that can invite totally peace atmosphere to the owner. To reach this amazing home we can pass the small footpath and through the large grassland. The atmosphere in this place can release the stress in our mind. The small footpath shows the tranquil environment in the rural land area. From the far, this home look adorable with low ceiling, only modern glass windows in the rooftop look clear from the house.

Modern Rural Home Environment

The modern rural home designs exterior consists of low ceiling design with two high unique windows. Looking from the far, the home is vnot visible because it is prevented by the low hill with grassland. Near the country house designs, there is a beauty pond to give total peace atmosphere to the owner. The modern home exterior is matched with green environment surround the home.  Located far from the crowded urban area, this home is compatible to give total relaxation after a day work. The fresh air provides healthy condition inside the modern home.

Modern Rural Home Exterior Design

Because of the home is designed with low ceiling design. The designer constructs two modern unique windows in the rooftop to provide good air circulation inside the modern rural home. This is a smart idea to make comfortable dwelling place. The designer also designs the rooftop of the building with green grass concept. This concept aimed to give total natural atmosphere in the home exterior design.

The modern rural home plans exterior is constructed by glass window domination. This design let the owner to enjoy the captivating panorama in the outside. This design also keeps inside the room always in bright condition in the daylight. The glass wall and windows also increase the elegance of the modern home. The modern rural home is also decorated with white texture wall to get elegant exterior design.

elegant and futuristic space of modern rural home design decorated with white nuance and little glass walls also with blonde wooden ceiling

exquisite bedroom design of modern rural home unique wooden buffet and white flat ceiling also with glass windows

extraordinary area of modern rural home design beautified with four black iron chairs and white ceramic floor to enjoy natural green environment

fascinating modern rural home design dominated with glass windows and walls showing elegant exterior design

formal beauteous terrace of modern rural home design completed with exotic pond and white ceramic floor

good looking bedroom of modern rural home beautified with grey double bed and classic wooden floor also a unique lamp

interesting small footpath between large grassland to reach modern rural home beautified with dense forest

marvellous modern rural home between large green grassland beautified with two unique high windows also low ceiling

mesmerizing modern rural home covered with huge green grassland with peace atmosphere

outstanding and modern rural home design completed with low white ceiling and two unique high windows

prepossessing bathroom of modern rural home design beautified with white bathtub and bathroom sink uniting with wooden vanity also wide mirror above

quiet lake under extraordinary modern rural home with tranquil environment

remarkable corridor of modern rural home design to reach living room with white ceramic floor and arranging wooden ceiling

seductive and sexy modern rural home design captured from back corner at night beautified with forest background

stunning and pleasant modern rural home design at night giving peace atmosphere in the tranquil environment

appealing area of modern rural home design with white walls and brown wooden stair

breathtaking living room of modern rural home design filled with comfortable black sofas and hanging wooden bookcase also beautified with glass windows

captivating and simple corridor of modern rural home design limited with large glass windows allowing sun beam inside

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