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Private House Designs with Splendid and Luxurious Contemporary Themes

March 7, 2016

Some architectural studios have amazingly created a bunch of wondrous private house designs with luxurious modern style. These prototypes show a very charming design with contemporary as the main vibe, along with some swanky features. For every home owner who still searches private house interior design also could take some consideration after exploring these design examples. The design does not only provide the best exterior, but was also presented in a very mature and precise concept. For very modern design enthusiast, these prototypes will be inspiring enough.

Private House Designs with Stylish Glass and Wooden Features

The first archetype was done by Guz Architects which appears as one of the best private house design. Wooden element and glass features emerge a little bit dominant and apparently represent innovative idea of private house designs. Yes, wood and glass were showed through those enchanting wooden pillars on the lovely terrace, some floor to ceiling windows and glass swimming pool. The rooftop was designed in overhang structure, along with additional plants as a natural accessory. The next example was composed by David Tyrell Architecture, which demonstrates how wooden stick could be set as the main attraction for the ceiling and wall. Some lucent glass facades and large glass windows make this modern house looks so stunning and trendy.

Modern Interior Decoration of Private House Designs

Another design was created by McClean Design for the house called Blue Jay Way Residence. This prototype presents transparent glass walls as the main accent, along with modern interior arrangement. The elegant living room was developed with light brown and cream as the main hues, and some classy furniture escalate the beauty of this dwelling. Moreover, Steve Hermann has also amazingly formed private house designs in white modern theme. The interior blends melodiously with the minimalist exterior decoration. White flat roof top and flexible glass sliding walls apparently emerge as the main attraction of this design.

To accumulate, these design examples successfully promote the beauty of contemporary decoration through their distinctive features. Each prototype was designed maturely and provides new idea and inspiration for any modern theme enthusiast. Thus, implementing these private house designs could be done for every one, and they actually could still blend them with some adjustment and individual preference so the result will be more authentic.

adorable private modern house interior including living room with red sofa and black lounge chair featuring wooden table added on red carpet combined with white wall and glass skylight

amazing contemporary private home design including outdoor pool with lounge chair and modern fireplace beautified with lighting at night

awesome private house with stone wall and balcony combined with pool featuring lounge chairs and natural view surroundings

beautiful private beachouse with glass wall combined with sea view

charming modern private house with glass wall combined with natural stone floor and unique fireplace featuring pool with city skyline view

dramatic modern private house with glass wall combined with outdoor pool and lounge chairs completed with lighting at night

elegant modern private house including living room with white sofa and cushions added on wooden floor and white rug completed with glass wall and fireplace

extraordinary private house design with glass wall and outdoor pool and lounge chairs completed with lighting at night

fabulous garden with pond and plants in the middle of verandah in modern home ideas

fantastic contemporary private house with glass wall and lounge space completed with outdoor pool and plant also sea view

gorgeous modern private house with black wall and sea surroundings

inspiring private house with glass wall and andesite stone floor completed with sea view

luxury modern private house with unique design and white wall combined with glass wall and outdoor pool

marvellous modern private house with outdoor pool and courtyard next to building with roof garden

mesmerizing private house with green roof combined with wooden wall completed with lawn and beach view

splendid modern private house with unique curve pool design combined with grass and greeneries completed with lighting at night

stunning contemporary private house with rectangular building and glass wall combined with large courtyard

stylish contemporary private house including plaza with arc design floor and glass wall completed with sea view

winning contemporary private house with outdoor pool and lounge space completed with garden and greeneries

wonderful modern private house design with black stone wall and outdoor pool combined with lounge chairs and natural view surroundings

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