Surprising Unique Home Design with a Complex Geometrical Shape

March 27, 2016

Situated amongst a dense forest, this vacation house is created with a unique home design. Its uniqueness comes in its amazing building shape that is inspired by some interesting shape in mathematical concept such as Klein bottle, Mobius strips, and also boy surface. Designed by an architectural firm McBride Charles Ryan, this house is constructed under a Klein Bottle House project. The house is perched on a wooden platform in a 2,777 sqm area of Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.

To reach this vacation home, we have to take a sandy trail that split a dense forest with its lavish vegetation. This is house has an enormous size and incorporates unique home design ideas by having some sharp angles that are sprung from its original spiral form. This spiral form lets the house to have a hollow center point. From that hollow center point, the natural light from the outside can be transmitted throughout the whole rooms of the house. Combining a solid black and white color on its exterior, this house really encompasses its position amongst the woods. Some wooden planks are used on its outside to delineate the entrance doors and to access the house.

Take a look inside the house and you will find an amazing interior design. The ample glass walls let you to feel an inextricable link between the inside and the outside. This is an important aspect since this vacation house can be a retreat house for you who want to get a closer connection with the nature in a playful home. The contemporary interior design of the house let you feel an utter comfort. Straight lines and sleek design of the furniture really suit this advance house design.

To make use the natural light from the outside, the interior of the house is filled with contemporary furniture in a bold color. The bold color accentuates the room and enlivens the room to enhance its playful nuance. To fit with that characteristic, light blonde wooden floor is employed in this house. A presence of white walls and white ceiling also makes the colorful furniture inside this one of great unique interior designs shows their amazing colors.

adorable unique home with a complex geometrical shape completed with black and white wall also with transparent glass wall

amazing unique home located in mornington peninsula victoria australia within the tee tree on the sand dunes

awesome unique home with black and wall in mathematical shape concept completed with lavish vegetation

beautiful interior design of unique home with pink color concept of wall floor and stairs

charming unique home with glass wall and wooden floor balcony and glass banister

cool unique home with black and glass wall also with wooden floor of terrace

fabulous home with black and white wall completed with geometrical shape

fantastic black and white wall of unique home completed with wooden deck and path

gorgeous unique home including mockup and floor plan picture

inspiring unique home including mockup picture

luxury living room of unique home with wooden floor and white wall also with black and white sofa

mesmerizing unique home with black wall and grey floor connect to bedroom

pretty lounge room with red lounge sofa and grey sofa also with black and white wall completed with window and red carpet

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