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Unique Small Cottage with Little Extension in Australia

March 28, 2016

In Australia, small cottage is redesigned by Innovarchi to be elegant and modern. The great changing is in the outlook I thing. The out wall is designed to have a unique model for a house with extension. Because the shape of the new model is abstract, the extension is also uncontrolled.

The wall of the small house is brown and has straight lines which are put neatly. The door, not the main one, is simple and yellow. It is a usual door which has holes in every its side. It is too simple actually. In the other side of the house, it is clear that some walls are made of glass. From the transparent glass, the house is believed to have the same style of lamps. The lamps are long and put in neat abstract way. The outdoor lamps are in beautiful pattern a line following the shape of the house.

The small cottage does not let you find the large area n it, although the outlook of the house said that the house is larger than before. However, a room in the cottage can be activated as multifunction room. The room is empty with only a very long table in the middle of the room. On the wall, simple rack is designed with a few cabinets under it. Adding chairs can be one single activity to make the room is well prepared for the great dining agenda. Many other ideas of using that empty room are also good to try.

The kitchen of the house is located in the back. Again, the kitchen table looks very simple. It naturally has the silver color with nothing on it. The sink and the stoves are in the other table which is located right beside the wall. In the right side of the house, a wall is filled by mirror which successfully reflects every single thing in the kitchen. As a result, the kitchen seem to be twins and larger. Those designs make the house look simple and modern. The unique outlook of the house and the room designs portray the small cottage house plan which has a little bit extension.

adorable small cottage with deconstructive concept building completed with brown and glass wall

amazing architecture extension of balmain cottage with brown wall completed with wooden deck

awesome balmain cottage extension in deconstructive concept with brown wall and wooden deck

beautiful unique small cottage in deconstructive concept including door with holes in every side

charming unique small cottage with brown wall completed with wooden deck also modern room view from outside

cool unique small cottage of balmain with wooden floor and cabinet also long wooden table completed with unique ceiling

extraordinary unique cottage of balmain including steel countertops with gold wall and white ceiling also with skylight

fabulous unique small cottage with gold wall and steel countertops completed with brick pillars and white ceiling

fantastic small cottage with gold wall featuring brick pillars also with door with holes added on wooden floor

gorgeous unique small cottage including modern kitchen with steel countertops and white kitchen set in white concept

inspiring small cottage including kitchen with steel countertops in white concept

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