Wooden Interior Design: the Perfect Choice for Your Holiday House

April 8, 2016

Living in a holiday house with wooden interior design might be quite usual. However, this following house has shown its exceptional design in creating a luxurious touch by using woods. The said house is located in Santa Barbara County, California, USA. Since the house is located next to the ocean, it has several transparent facade which could spoil the residents with better viewing.

Wooden Interior Design in the Kitchen

The kitchen has a semi-open design. One of its exterior wall in this wooden interior design is removed so that the residents could cook while enjoying the beautiful scenery when the sun meets the horizon in the sea. The kitchen itself has wooden floor. The wooden interior design ideas is combined with wooden kitchen island placed on the center of the room. It is also accompanied with kitchen counters having white color, providing a beautiful contrast towards the brown wood hue.

Wooden Interior Design in the Living

Moving on to the living room, we can see that the wooden interior design has a stronger accent. However, it employs lighter color compared to that of the kitchen and dining. The coffee table, for example, has light brown color. It is surrounded by two similar sofas facing one another. Behind the sofa, there is a light brown low cabinet which can be useful to place books or decorations. In terms of lighting, the wooden interior design ideas for living room uses ceiling integrated lamps.

Let’s move to the most beautiful part of the house, the master bedroom. The floor is covered by carpet to provide the residents with sufficient warmth. The bedroom’s wall, however, is made out of transparent glass wall. This enables you to enjoy endless beauty of the nature. Across the bed, we would be able to find a fireplace integrated within the stone wall. Wooden interior design can also be found in the bathroom.

awesome modern home design exterior view featured with lounge area overlooking panoramic scenery around the modern house

beautiful interior of modern home design with wooden floor and natural stone accent spreading over the wall for warmer sense

chic bathroom of modern home design with floating vanity and porcelain bathtub under spacious window

comfy dream bedroom ideas of modern home design decorated with an old fashioned firepace set and counter for decor

comfy living room of modern home design furnished with grey sofa set also wooden cabinet and coffee table on the wooden floor

fresh modern home design landscaping design with a big tree and ponds for quiet atmosphere

marvellous modern home design building with cool transparency setting of home back side to connect the nature

mesmerizing semi open design kitchen of modern home design enlightened by some recessed lamps studded on the ceiling

small bathroom of modern home design decorated with floating rack and circular art painting on the wall

stunning front yard of modern home design design with flat roof concept

sweet courtyard area of modern home design with footpath surrounded by lush vegetation and pond

sweet modern home design landscaping idea with a big leafy tree growing on its front yard

wonderful interior of modern home design with wooden interior design has a stronger accent combined with transparent glass walls

amazing modern home design with transparent glass walls to connect the nature

astonishing kitchen area of modern home design with wooden kitchen island placed on the center of the room

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